access to a conscious and free life.

online / in-person

Facilitative Dialouge

Process oriented dialogue that allows us to strengthen your relationship with deeper aspects of your consciousness

Polarity Dialogue

Facilitative dialogue technique used to develop somatic awareness and integrate conflicted emotional parts within your psyche.

Ancestral Dreamspeak

Facilitative dialogue and guided journeywork designed to create connection and partnership with ancestral and spiritual guides.

online / in-person

Somatic Breathwork

An embodied approach to breathwork that incorporates movement exercises, reichian bodywork, and trauma theory.


Myofascial Energetics

Integrative Bodywork/massage that incorporates myofascial, sports, connected Swedish flow, cranial-sacral, polarity, Reichian breathing, and sound healing for full-body release on both physical and emotional levels.

Myofascial Energetics | $140

An integrative massage that incorporates myofascial, sports, craniosacral, reichian breathing, and sound healing for full body release on both physical and emotional levels.

Relaxing Massage | $120

A Swedish flowing massage designed to create restorative experiences for stressed bodies and minds.

Deep Tissue Massage | $130

A deep, therapeutic massage designed for relief from chronic pain.

Craniosacral Reiki | $110

This method uses gentle craniosacral holds, polarity therapy, myofascial and joint mobilizations, acupressure, reiki, and sound healing with the intention of bringing balance to the chakras.